Best DDR4 RAM For Gaming In 2024

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Best DDR4 RAM For Gaming In 2024

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We’ve Heavily Tested The Best DDR4 RAM For Gaming Kits: Perfect PC Memory For Graphically Intensive Apps, Gaming, And Video Editing.

Best DDR4 RAM For Gaming In 2024

Best DDR4 RAM For Gaming In 2024 |
DDR5 is already steadily losing price, and the greatest DDR4 RAM for gaming doesn’t have to cost a fortune. One thing that has surprised us over the last several years of testing DDR4 kits is how affordable a 16GB or 32GB DDR4 kit is now compared to a few years ago.

Now is a great opportunity to get any DDR4 kit. 16GB is available for a reasonable price. Although most games won’t utilize more than 32GB, it’s considered excessive because 32GB might be a worthwhile purchase if you’re a major editor or deal with large files.

In terms of speed, current CPUs should use DDR4 RAM that operates at 3,600MHz or 3,200MHz. This should provide your CPU with sufficient bandwidth to manage both work and games. CAS latency is another crucial statistic to take into account. Lower is preferable when it comes to CAS latency. Keep an eye out for CL16/CL18 or higher.

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